Welcome to Blue Eyed Belle Clothing

Our Story

The Blue Eyed Belle story starts with just that – amazing blue eyes. Our owner, Rachelle Charles, not only found inspiration in the dazzling eye color of her two daughters, but also in the desire to design dresses with unique creativity. Throughout her life, Rachelle always possessed a love for fabrics and patterns, and for the space of design in general. A creative spirit, she initially put her talents to use as a hair stylist, with aspirations of becoming an interior designer. Yet, after her girls were born, this passion evolved into something closer to home – creating boutique dresses for her daughters. Unimpressed by current trends and dresses she was finding out there, Rachelle struck out on her own to design the boutique dresses she’d always envisioned. Her innate ability to match different fabrics and combine distinctive patterns and colors are what make these dresses so special. Rachelle also receives invaluable help with design, order fulfillment, and customer service from Amanda Inscoe – her soon to be sister-in-law…Blue Eyed Belle is truly a family business. We know you and your little girls will be just as inspired to wear our dresses as we are creating them!